The obvious thing to do when talking about 2020 is talking about how COVID-19 impacted me, and I could certainly do that, but instead I'm going to stick to what I normally do.

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Some past retrospectives on reading and th...

On Love

What is love? Not to recall certain catchy songs popular on the internet in the 2000s, I wanted to try to give a definition. The problem of getting definitions for commonly used words is a well known problem in philosophy, so as usual I will instead that I am giving my definition and hop...

Another cycle around the sun draws to an end, and a new one begins.

As my annual letters seem to get longer and longer each year, I will summarize the content of it here.

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Holiday message

So mu...

Levels of talking about policy

The idea of a 'supported policy' is somewhat vague, both in discussion and introspection. I don't know the proper terminologies for these, so I'll use my own--but am happy to be corrected.

  • Utopian policy: If everyone had my view on politics, what is my supported...